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Changing The Way We Think About Plastic 



In 2019, Plastic Waste Free World Conference & Expo cemented itself worldwide as the most talked-about and best-attended event focusing on eliminating plastic waste, after it attracted some of the biggest brands and most respected sustainability professionals globally during its first outing. This senior executive-level conference and exhibition honed in on the exploration of how international businesses from a wide variety of industries can reduce their use of fossil-fuel-based plastics, eliminate single-use plastics, design and create more sustainable bio-sourced products and packaging solutions, introduce more circular business models, and ultimately help contribute to improving the global plastic pollution crisis.

Reasons To Attend

Expert Knowledge

Hear expert presentations from companies already adopting sustainable and circular approaches that are helping tackle the global plastic pollution crisis.

Latest Research

Gain the latest research to help eliminate single-use plastics throughout your supply chain and discover more natural and re-usable alternatives.

Find New Solutions

Discover the next generation of highly sustainable materials, technologies, and manufacturing solutions. Plus, meet the companies behind the latest innovations helping to create environmentally friendly products.

Meet New Partners

Exchange knowledge and network with sustainability leaders from some of the world's largest international organizations working to reduce their dependence on fossil-fuel-based plastics.

Some of The Industries That Attend Our European Event Include



Fashion & Textile


Food & Beverage 


Material Suppliers


Consumer Goods




Travel & Catering

aviation catering



Some of The Companies That Attend Our European Event Include


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