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Redefining Sustainable Packaging

11 Oct 2023
Plastic Waste Free World
Whether it is the packaging itself, or the coating to protect the
paper/paperboard, there is a reliance on plastics and PFAS, to provide barrier, strength,
durability, and food preservation for everyday use. Advancements in chemical manufacturing
have allowed companies like Impermea Materials to develop US FDA-compliant alternatives to
extruded PE coatings with the goal of taking plastics out of the packaging. With that goal in
mind, Impermea Materials designed a number of aqueous solutions for paper & paperboard
packaging that are all PFAS-free and offer a variety of superior barrier technologies such as oil
& grease resistance (OGR), moisture vapor transmission (MVTR), adhesives, and release
coatings all while being repulpable, recyclable, and compostable. In this presentation, you will
learn about the different formulas and their applications, the ease of production integration, and
real-world customer examples.
David Zamarin, Founder & CEO - Impermea Materials