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Multifunctionality of automatic respirometry systems in biodegradation testing in water, soil, compost and sediment.

11 Oct 2023
Plastic Waste Free World
The growing development and the need for ecological biodegradable products also requires the use of new and updated analytical methods and technology. Biodegradable products like other waste can occur and biodegrade in all known environments; ground, soil, marine and water sediments. Automatic respirometry systems enable the users to simulate as close as it is possible various environments and conditions. The advantages of this technology will be presented together with the actual test results done in automatic respirometers. Applications and test results that will be discussed are: Biodegradation in water, Biodegradation in water sediment (stirred and non-stirred), Biodegradation in soil, etc. The biggest challenge in finalizing the biodegradable materials is the time frame of the certification process and the final costs of biodegradation analysis. To better understand the biological kinetics of the analysis, a mathematical model has been set-up to allow us to predict the course of biodegradation. By predicting the course of biodegradation, we could shorten the analysis time for samples and learn about their approximate degree of biodegradability. In the study, a comparison between measurements in compost and aqueous sediments was performed, where biodegradation processes take place at different speeds and under various conditions.  
Andrej Holobar, General manager - Echo Instruments