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Delivering a Sustainable Solution with HydroPRS™

11 Oct 2023
Plastic Waste Free World
Mura Technology are pioneering a globally scalable technology to prevent millions of tonnes of plastic and CO2 from entering our natural environment every year, turning an $80bn lost resource of plastic waste into a valuable global commodity. Mura’s technology can recycle the ‘unrecyclable’ – plastic materials currently sent to landfill, incineration or leaked into the environment – producing from it the ingredients for new plastic, creating a circular economy and significantly reducing carbon emissions. This eliminates the need for fossil resource in the manufacture of plastic. Mura are partnering with some of the largest global companies to scale their technology process worldwide. Join Mura’s Global Head of Business Development, Oliver Borek, as he introduces HydroPRS™ and explains how Mura will deliver on their global ambitions.
Oliver Borek, Global Head of Business Development - Mura