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Navigating Sustainability Regulations in Manufacturing: Insights on ESG Reporting and Scope 3 Climate Reporting

12 Oct 2023
Greener Manufacturing
According to Our World in Data, the manufacturing industry is responsible for approximately 20% of the global climate impact from human activities. Manufacturers need to prepare for the sustainability regulations that are already being rolled out in the EU and are surely on the horizon for the United States, and the frontrunners look for ways to reduce their overall impact. All manufacturers must soon report on their ESG efforts, and need ways to estimate the impact of materials and products they buy and sell, which is the Scope 3 in climate reporting. Configure-price-quote systems, combined with life cycle assessments, has emerged as technology that makes such reporting possible for the products that manufacturers put into market as well as the supply chain that goes into making those products. It facilitates for both buyer and seller and enables ´financial grade´ environmental data to be shared. Madeleine Bergrahm, The Head of Sustainability at Tacton, will discuss the impending regulations facing the North America and EU, and how configure, price and quote technology is working to streamline these sustainability regulations into the selling of complex product and process. She’ll explain how manufacturers can meet their carbon reduction targets by showing the most environmentally sound products to their protentional customers and by this increase the adoption. This is one way to address the global impact of manufacturing, learning from B2C industries use of eco labels. 
Madeleine Bergrahm, Head of Sustainability - Tacton