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Product or Packaging Afterlife – A New Beginning

11 Oct 2023
Plastic Waste Free World
Ecosystem thinking has become crucial for combating climate change and meeting shifting social needs in the face of a growing human population and wasteful consumption. It entails recognizing the overall impact of the product life cycle as part of an extensive, interconnected system that includes raw materials, manufacturing processes, product conversions, consumers, and waste management based on infrastructure availability. In this presentation, various cross-sector case studies will highlight the increasing significance of product end-of-life in the sustainability dialogue, as well as how established and emerging brands and manufacturers are adopting circular design, ensuring ease of disassembly, utilizing recyclable materials, and exploring innovative ways to repurpose or upcycle product/packaging waste streams. Through proper end-of-life management, a more resource-efficient and environmentally responsible society can be achieved, enabling the transition to a circular, value-driven economy.  
Gayatri Keskar, Vice President, Research - Material Connexion