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Renewable barrier coatings are the key to reducing single-use-plastics 

11 Oct 2023
Plastic Waste Free World
While fiber-based packaging is sourced from renewable feedstock and is naturally biodegradable, without barrier coatings, they lack the functionality that plastics provide in keeping food safe, fresh and sealed. Innovation in barrier coating chemistries and technologies enable fiber-based packaging to meet functional barrier requirements, reduce landfill waste for unrecyclable plastics, and increase recyclability of the packaging. However, conventional barrier coatings made of plastic may prevent fiber-based packaging from being recyclable. New solutions under development utilize new technologies and feedstocks. Which will be the winning solutions that meet the key requirements and commercial volumes of major brand owners? The race is on to provide the holy grail of barrier solutions: renewable, recyclable, functional and affordable.
Megan McCormick, Manager - AFRY Management Consulting Inc.