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U.S. Soy: Sustainable, Biobased Feedstocks for Today’s Material Science

12 Oct 2023
Greener Manufacturing
The United Soybean Board is committed to bringing insight to companies fulfilling sustainability and 
supply chain goals while improving products utilizing U.S. Soy. Renewable by nature, soybean derivatives are economical, consistent in quality, and a reliable material used in thousands of products. In recent years, U.S. manufacturing has faced a disruption in supply logistics. Companies are rethinking their material supply sources for the future. Soybeans have relatively stable production volumes year to year regardless of weather and have vast growing acreage and crushing facilities. This translates to shorter domestic supply chain—reduced transportation and lower 
carbon footprint.
U.S. Soy is used as a raw material in a diverse group of applications including polymers, lubricants, wood adhesives, surfactants, and infrastructure markets. However, are these soy-based products commercially available and do they perform?
Kris Weigal, Biobased Business Senior Consultant - Omni Tech International, Ltd.