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How Bio-molecules Are Being Used for a New Era of High-Performance De-Bondable Adhesives

09 Jun 2022
Sustainable Materials & Manufacturing Solutions
Most reactive hot melt adhesives used today rely on post-curing chemistry to develop adhesive strength. One specific disadvantage to this approach is that the chemical cross-links that are formed are irreversible, and bonded articles can only be pulled apart after much effort or not at all. The Conagen adhesive is better. It is designed with reversible chemical cross-links, which arise from the bio-molecules that break and spontaneously reform during bonding and de-bonding. We will present the results on metal, plastic, and glass and prove how Conagen’s adhesive formulations are de-bondable, strong, and in some instances are, over three times stronger than other petroleum-based products. In addition, the bio-molecules are all natural products found in plants, and we are making them by precision fermentation at industrial scale, allowing the material to be sustainable and environment friendly.
J. McNamara, VP Chemical Applications - Conagen