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Cashew Nutshell Liquid as a Renewable Feedstock

09 Jun 2022
Sustainable Materials & Manufacturing Solutions

Cashew Nutshell Liquid (CNSL) is a naturally occurring material that is relatively unknown. Essentially a waste stream from the process of removing cashew nuts from their shells, CNSL is a renewable feedstock worthy of consideration for companies and industries interested in getting greener. However, the use of CNSL should not be based solely on interest in increasing renewable content. CNSL has more to offer. The presentation will introduce Cashew Nutshell Liquid and its unique chemistry. CNSL and its component constituents will be reviewed in detail. The CNSL supply will be discussed, including where it comes from and how it fits within the cashew nut industry.As a natural material, we will present the results of a Life Cycle Assessment, including the environmental impact of cashew materials compared to phenolics. The presentation will also include results of toxicity tests.

Andrew Maseloff, Creative Manager & Business Developer - Palmer International