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Challenges to Biopolymer Replacement of Environmentally Persistent Plastics

08 Jun 2022

Consumers, regulatory agencies and industry providers all understand the evolving environmental and health issues associated with the use of environmentally persistent plastics. Bans on the use of environmentally persistent plastics for single use consumer products, industry sustainability goals, pending taxes on producers of environmentally persistent plastics and consumer demands are all driving companies to replace environmentally persistent plastics with biologically degradable or otherwise waste stream manageable alternatives. The challenges in the production of alternative polymers, industry conversion to these polymers and the commercialization of products manufactured from these polymers at scale will be discussed. With a panel of scientific leaders involved in the scaled production and industry use of alternative polymers for consumer products, conference attendees will hear up-to-date successes and issues in achieving full commercialization of biologically degradable polymers. Conference attendees can send questions that they would like to hear addressed by the panel to the roundtable discussion moderator Branson W. Ritchie, Director of Technology Development and Implementation at the New Materials Institute (   

Branson Ritchie, Distinguished Research Professor - New Materials Institute
Eric Klingenberg, Mars Science Lead - Mars Inc
Jason Locklin, Director - New Materials Institute
Clayton Bunyard, R&D Technical Lead - Kimberly-Clark