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How AI is optimizing chemical production with small data

08 Jun 2022
Sustainable Materials & Manufacturing Solutions
The chemical industry, although responsible for making over 96% of goods, has also become the third largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. This is due to the implementation of chemical processes that carry inefficiencies in energy use and increase CO2 emissions. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to help scientists develop more sustainable products and processes, but it typically requires large datasets (100’s-1000’s of points), which are not available in the initial development stages.Sunthetics democratizes the use of AI in chemical research with a platform that enables the development of new chemical products, processes, and formulations in 20% of the time. The approach leverages small data (as little as 4-5 initial data points) to reduce development waste, emissions, and resource consumption by 80%. We work at the intersection of AI and chemistry to promote digitalization, fast-track innovation, increase manufacturing efficiencies, enhance material performance, and improve sustainability for advanced manufacturing.
Daniela E. Blanco, CEO - Sunthetics