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Limestone, hemp & dandelions, oh my! A look at unlikely, emerging and innovative materials shaping the ‘new plastic’ movement and their trade-offs

09 Jun 2022
Emerging materials are shaping the way we package and manufacture various non-polymer products at unprecedented speed. With global initiatives and heightened awareness pushing the environmental envelope, will consumers embrace these new materials both in consumption and price? Are there sustainable advantages to incorporating alternatives? REearthable™ was founded on a commitment to address environmental plastics issues by pushing boundaries, challenging assumptions and creatively re-thinking how plastic could be made; without plastic. Our biodegradable and compostable ecoPLAS® product is just that; a drop in ready limestone based plastic alternative suitable for three manufacturing processes. This presentation focuses on emerging and unlikely materials that are finding their way into alternative plastic products, consumer tradeoffs such as visual in brand packaging, and an exploration of the potential sustainable and ecological footprint of various non-polymer materials.   
Charlotte Wintermann, SVP Strategy & Sustainability - REearthable