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Myths and Realities on Blockchain Usage to Drive Greener Manufacturing and Decarbonization

08 Jun 2022
Sustainable Materials & Manufacturing Solutions
Blockchain has been much discussed over the past several years with great promise to help improve many processes across the globe, including but not limited to supply chains, manufacturing, contracts and payments, the environment etc. Yet several years later, we are still talking of promise vs progress.  The reason is simple - early blockchain solutions were engineered more to stretch the limits of what is possible vs to focus on what can and should be attainable. In essence they were not customer (enterprise) focused. There is a new breed of blockchains, led by Topl, that is building not only enterprise grade technology but enterprise ready usability in order to focus on real use cases and drive real value creation for our enterprise customers.  We will discuss how Topl is making it easier and easier for enterprise users to incorporate blockchain so that we can continue our promise to our customers: you change the world.  We prove it.  
Tim Marx, President - Topl