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Driving Circularity and Eliminating Plastic Waste through Infrastructure and Innovation

08 Jun 2022
Closing the Loop on Plastic Waste
The Alliance to End Plastic Waste was created in 2019 with a clear mission to address the global challenge of eliminating plastic waste in the environment. Its 65+ corporate members represent the global value chain of plastics from resin manufacturers, converters, brands, to waste management companies. The Alliance frames this global circularity challenge in terms of six critical and inter-related gaps related to: quantity, quality, affordability, design, data, and alignment. Thus far, a portfolio of more than 35 projects in 30 countries are being implemented to close these six gaps. A pipeline of many more projects is in place to continue to grow this portfolio in terms of impact and reach. A diverse sample of projects will be reviewed that demonstrate a range of practical and robust solutions appropriate to different global settings and addressing different aspects of the circularity gaps. Furthermore, the role of innovation will be addressed in the context of Alliance programs to enable start-ups and entrepreneurs to grow and develop, access capital, and contribute to the ecosystem of circular solutions.    
Joe Machado, Senior Advisor, Project Development - Alliance To End Plastic Waste