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Production of Sustainable Chitin-Based Materials

09 Jun 2022
In a society where environmental concern is increasing, there is heightened consumer demand for more sustainable alternatives to many petrochemical-based synthetic polymers. Successful replacements of synthetic plastics must preserve the low cost, versatility, and ease of processing in order to compete as biopolymeric alternatives. Because chitin is a promising raw polymer for the production of plastics due to the attractive combination of price, abundance and thermoplastic behavior, combined with its non-toxicity and biodegradability, chitin is recommended for production of suitable functional materials. The presentation will discuss techniques utilized to process chitin and means to prepare multiple chitin-based bioproducts. We will discuss in depth the most recent methods and present a compelling collection of examples narrowed down to the most promising chitin architectures.
Julia L. Shamshina, Research Assistant Professor - Fiber and Biopolymer Research Institute, Texas Tech University