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Reimagining Corporate Plastic Strategies Through Data Intelligence

08 Jun 2022
Closing the Loop on Plastic Waste
Noah Godfrey from Ampliphi will introduce the concept of “plastic accounting” - a process used to measure the negative impacts of plastic pollution that are associated with a company’s operations and supply chain. We all know we can’t manage what isn’t measured — the concept of plastic accounting intends to bridge the gap between ambition and action.

Plastics are a ubiquitous group of materials found in almost every supply chain. While they can offer significant advantages over alternatives, plastics’ contribution to climate change and the exponential increase of plastic pollution has created a global call to action.

Especially in the plastic packaging industry, pollution and waste has emerged as a principal concern. As a result, consumer brands are feeling the pressure from regulators, investors and consumers. A complete plastic footprint analysis is the first step to relieve these pressures and to better understand how to implement sustainable systems into their operations and supply chains. Measuring a plastic footprint uncovers accurate and actionable information, enabling informed decision making and unlocking the sustainable potential of a company’s value chain.
Noah Godfrey, Co-Founder - Ampliphi