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Revolutionizing the Industry: Clean Up Waste And Leave No Trace

09 Jun 2022
Sustainable Materials & Manufacturing Solutions

Sustainable manufacturing solutions are necessary to implement at this point in time. Oil spills, green initiatives and sustainability are not usually topics that go hand-in-hand. However, through research and innovation, there is a solution to revolutionize the industry. In fact, today’s oil response industry solves one problem by creating another. The entire industry has always cleaned up oil spills simply by moving the incident from one location to another, causing another problem entirely. Other products on the market are non-biodegradable and polypropylene-based — single use plastic, which is made using traditional manufacturing processes that can cause land and water pollution. In fact, each competitor's 10-pound boom is equivalent to 3,000 plastic straws, and even minor oil spills can require many truckloads of booms. As you know, these polypropylene products end up in landfills and never break down. To combat this problem and implement green, sustainable oil spill response throughout all manufacturing and all industries, Green Boom is the only biodegradable line of oil-only absorbents. By choosing green, we are able to help decrease the world’s reliance on single-use polypropylene, increase the use of renewable agricultural resources and, of course, reduce adverse environmental and health impacts.

Subhir Sharma, Founder and CEO - Green Boom