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Selling for Sustainability: Packaging Tips for Cosmetics/Consumer Products

08 Jun 2022
Brands often struggle with balancing design and sustainability: this session explores select best practices from cosmetics conglomerates optimized for both packaging appeal (primary & secondary). Its aim is to help practitioners (across all teams including operations, packaging, marketing, and CSR) implement the guidelines from management on sustainability goals, adapting existing packaging (eg PCR, light-weighting, refills, etc), and discussing technologies of eco-design software (e.g. the eco-design tool S.P.O.T., Sustainable Product Optimization Tool at L’Oreal, and the EDIBOX software at LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics). The session will discuss how brands can save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually from making simple and practical packaging sustainability adjustments using proven case studies.
Anja Nikolova, Cosmetics Sustainability Expert (ex-L'Oreal and LVMH), MSc Environmental Management - Yale University