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Is Sustainability in E-commerce Packaging a Trend or Megatrend?

08 Jun 2022

The global growth in e-commerce and the changing behavior of online shopping is increasing packaging material consumption drastically. The recent pandemic has fast forwarded the e-commerce industry by 5 years but the used- packaging materials are often still from the late 90s. Forward thinking companies understand that modern shoppers care about the earth-friendliness of packaging and that consumers prefer buying from retailers who support environmental responsibility. Furthermore, negative press and unpleasant unboxing experience combined with the fact that everyone has a voice on social media can drive a product or even a company to succeed or fail. But the landscape of offers for sustainable packaging is broad, the certifications are often not harmonized and the regulations are different in each country or state. Missing recycling and composting infrastructure combined with reduced availability of materials  make it hard for e-commerce sellers to make the right decisions. In this presentation you will learn about the challenge of designing and producing a commercially available alternative to virgin plastics and why increasing use of paper for packaging can only be a  part of the solution.

Marc Rapp, CEO - Airwave Packaging