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Sustainable Packaging Should be a Matter of Willpower Not of Legislation

08 Jun 2022
The presentation will explain how Lenzing and PACKNATUR® joined forces to shake up the way we pack fresh fruits and vegetables, and how retailers have benefited from showing the will to change. LENZING™ for Packaging surrounds food and other goods in naturally durable and biodegradable fibers that are of botanic origin and certified safe for food contact. Sustainably produced and fully compostable after use, LENZING™ cellulosic fibers are suitable for a varied range of packaging applications, from single-use botanic nets to reusable bags. In close cooperation with producers, Lenzing AG has developed environmentally sustainable single-use nets and reusable bags for fruits and vegetables made from LENZING™ Modal fibers of botanic origin and certified as compliant with recognized safety standards for food contact. Responsibly produced in line with Lenzing’s commitment to sustainability, these vibrantly colored nets are becoming increasingly popular as a compostable substitute for plastic bags and nets that are derived from non-renewable sources and contribute to the pollution of the environment
Georg Raffael Spindler, Manager Speciality Applications & Analytics - Lenzing