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Overcoming blind spots to quantify scope 3 GHG emissions and decarbonize your supply chain

08 Jun 2022
Sustainable Materials & Manufacturing Solutions
Growing pressure from regulators, investors, and other stakeholders is compelling companies to take a deeper look at their scope 3 emissions and develop meaningful disclosures and reduction targets. But, while more and more guidance on how to report on those emissions is beginning to coalesce, many companies still have a lot more questions than answers on where to begin, how to quantify and prioritize, and how to set meaningful reduction goals. Scope 3 emissions can be especially challenging to quantify, and the availability of good data from suppliers and other stakeholders is often lacking or non-existent. Thankfully, by leveraging life cycle assessment data and associated emissions factors, companies can create defensible scope 3 GHG emissions inventories, identify hot spots and areas for improvement, and set realistic reductions goals and targets achievable through partnerships, thoughtful procurement practices, and other strategic initiatives.
Sean Daly, Director, Sustainability Consulting - Sphera Solutions Inc.