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Connecting Agriculture to Emerging Industrial and Consumer Bioproduct Markets

09 Jun 2022
Sustainable Materials & Manufacturing Solutions
Demand for safe, bio-based and sustainable products continues to grow as our global society is challenged to reduce the impacts of climate change.  Consumers likewise are insisting on more natural, sustainable and safe products and materials around them – and they demand the proof behind these attributes.  Learn how Cargill is leveraging its historic strengths in agriculture, food, feed and animal protein to build an emerging bio-based product business serving industrial, consumer and chemical intermediate markets.  Utilizing Cargill’s extensive global presence in commodity procurement, storage, trading and processing, its Bioindustrial Group is expanding into construction and building materials, dielectric and cooling solutions and performance chemical sectors.  Further growth is occurring in meeting personal care markets such as skin care, oral care and hair care with sustainable products made from both commodity and specialty feedstocks.
Marty Muenzmaier, Enterprise Sustainability Leader - Cargill