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Thermomechanical Recycling for Plastic Fibres Revalorisation and Textile-to-Textile Circularity

09 Jun 2022
Closing the Loop on Plastic Waste
Mechanical and chemical recycling are possible routes for the textile industry in which only 1% of our textiles are recycled. As a partner in two European projects based on PP mask (Re-Breath) and PET or PA from textile waste (SCIRT) recycling with industrial challenges, CETI has based its recycling innovation on thermomechanical recycling: densification, extrusion and filtration, regranulation. New recycled pellets will be designed with compounding in order to feed meltspinning, spunbond and meltblown equipment. Solutions to face challenges such as impurities from textile life and manufacturing, viscosity stability, degradation, and bicomponant fibers or multicomponent fabric will be presented in order to combat the global plastic waste challenge.
Javier Vera-Sorroche, Melt Spinning Platform Manager - CETI