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ÅR Packaging to launch fiber-based cutlery in cooperation with Bionatic

ÅR Packaging to launch fiber-based cutlery in cooperation with Bionatic

November 7, 2019
Lloyd Fuller

ÅR Packaging aims to meet the increasing need for replacement of plastic-based cutlery and has teamed up with the food service distributor Bionatic to launch a fiber-based cutlery range

Since the European Single-Use Plastics Directive (SUP) was introduced, both consumers and member states have started to reconsider many plastic packaging items on the market. By 2021, plastic cutlery will be banned in the EU. While targeting some of the issues related to unrecyclable items and potential littering, the demand for eating on-the-go will remain. There is thus a great need for a new generation of food service packaging to fill this gap.

Packaging producer ÅR Packaging Group has teamed up with Germany’s Bionatic, a food service packaging distributor, to launch a range of fiber-based cutlery with strong environmental benefits. With the companies’ combined and extensive understanding of fiber products and market demand, they plan to offer a series spoons, knives and forks in full commercial scale by the end of 2020.

With a long background and comprehensive expertise in carton conversion, ÅR Packaging is working intensely to bring next-generation sustainable food service items to the market. Together with Bionatic, an experienced distributor of food packaging and disposable tableware made from renewable or recycled raw materials, the company has developed a set of cutlery that can compete with plastics in terms of strength, weight and barrier properties. The new cutlery range is designed to be repulpable, compostable, biodegradable, FSC-certified, sourced from European wood and without any plastic content. It is therefore fully designed for recyclability.

“With Bionatic we have a dynamic and entrepreneurial distributor of biobased packaging items for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) on our side,” commented Ralf Mack, innovation director at ÅR Packaging. “They help to speed up processes and ensure product acceptance through direct consumer engagement.”

“Being one of the leading wholesalers of sustainable food service packaging we believe it is better to process renewable raw materials than to use finite resources,” added Michael Brink at Bionatic. “We are therefore delighted to cooperate with ÅR Packaging and be able to offer fiber-based solutions as the next generation of food service utensils.”

The new fiber-based cutlery is the first in a range of innovative food service items to enter the market. Next projects in the pipeline include fiber bowls, trays and containers.

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