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Biologiq Inc

Stand: 1013
Sustainability in production and in relations - Sustainability is at the core of what we do – but it is also at the core of how we do it. We consistently strive to minimize energy consumption in our recycling operations and to be as environmentally friendly as possible. And we believe in building sustainable relationships with our customers and business partners as well. We do that by committing to fundamental principles of transparency, the highest quality standards, and an innovative drive. Is a used tire the solution to your challenge? Tires recycled by Genan are used for many different applications. Tire wire is remelted into new steel. Rubber powder and granules are used as raw materials by manufacturers that produce things like asphalt, mats, floors, tiles, noise reduction solutions, handles, paint, coatings, and binding agents. Rubber granulate is used as infill in football fields with artificial turf, and both granulate and pellets become the bouncy base layers of playgrounds and running tracks. And you can even go full circle and make new tires from old ones. The only limit is your imagination. In our many development partnerships with our customers, we combined their needs for recycled rubber with our product knowledge. Together, we find a green solution to whichever challenge you may be facing - and we keep the wheels turning for a greener tomorrow


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