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#ItsInOurHands – the new eco-initiative for biodegradable wipes

#ItsInOurHands – the new eco-initiative for biodegradable wipes

November 7, 2019
Press Release: Lenzing

A recently announced ‘#ItsInOurHands’ initiative encourages consumers to enjoy the convenience of wet wipes by making a conscious product choice

VEOCEL – the specialty fiber brand for beauty, home and personal care products produced from the Austria-based Lenzing – has introduced a new eco-initiative, #ItsInOurHands, at the Sustainable Retail Summit in Berlin, held at the end of October. “An increasing number of people are using wet wipes on a daily basis because they are practical, hygienic and ready to hand,” said Jürgen Eizinger, vice president of Global Business Management Nonwovens, Lenzing. “However, only a few people know that a considerable share of these wipes contain plastic and thus can potentially be harmful to the environment if disposed in an inappropriate way. Thus, wipes made from cellulose fibers would provide a biodegradable alternative for consumers.”

If consumers were equipped with the right information and knowledge around raw materials used in wipes, perhaps they would choose their product more eco-consciously. According to industry findings, fewer than 10% of consumers know about the fossil-based plastic in wipes – but 9 out of 10 respondents would prefer to use a sustainable and biodegradable alternative. “It is time for the industry and consumer to work together to completely redefine this product category to protect the environment,” Eizinger continued.

The day will soon come when everyone in the value chain – from manufacturers, to brands and retailers – will have to face the environmental challenges presented by our polluted environment and oceans. In line with global efforts by legislators to reduce plastic waste, the EU has recently published a directive for single-use plastic products. Through this new EU initiative, wet wipe products now require labels indicating the presence of plastic in its ingredients, the appropriate product disposal methods, and any possible negative impact the product may have on the environment. Wood-based cellulose fibers from Lenzing offer an alternative to fossil-based plastic in wet wipes to allow for responsible convenience both now and in the future. Derived from the renewable material wood in an eco-responsible production process, these botanic fibers are completely biodegradable and revert back to the environment.

Hosted by VEOCEL, #ItsInOurHands encourages consumers to enjoy everyday natural convenience by opting for biodegradable solutions. Sustainability experts as well as like-minded eco-supporters and brands will collaborate to raise awareness, educate and enable change – for the planet and generations to come.

“Consumers who wish to make a sustainable purchasing decision need guidance and assurance in the process,” Eizinger added. “That is why, earlier this year, Lenzing unveiled the new certification criteria for its brand, which only allows the usage of biodegradable cellulosic fibers in wipes branded with VEOCEL. Acting as a ‘Label of Trust’, consumers can be sure that the product they are buying is sustainable just by recognizing the VEOCEL logo.”

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