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OrganoClick’s biocomposite OrganoComp nominated as ‘Biocomposite Of The Year 2019’

OrganoClick’s biocomposite OrganoComp nominated as ‘Biocomposite Of The Year 2019’

November 7, 2019
Press Release: OrganoClick

OrganoComp, a replacement material for fossil-based plastics, has been nominated for a prestigious biocomposite award

OrganoClick’s biocomposite OrganoComp is one of six selected biocomposite materials that has been nominated as ‘Biocomposite of the Year 2019’. The winner will be selected during the Biocomposites conference in Cologne 14-15 November 2019, hosted by the Nova Institut.

This Innovation Award highlights products that entered the market in 2019 or are just about to launch. OrganoComp was chosen, in particular, due to the launch in 2019 of the burial coffin Saga made in OrganoComp. The burial coffin Saga has been developed in collaboration with the Nordics largest coffin producer Fredahl Rydéns. Since the launch in May 2019, Fredahl Rydéns has been marketing and selling the coffin in Sweden while OrganoClick is producing the OrganoComp material using a proprietary 3D fiber-molding technology. OrganoComp is a 100 % biobased and biodegradable material, made of wood fibers and OrganoClick’s biobased binders, utilizing waste streams from the food industry such as orange peels, shrimp shells and wheat bran. Due to the strength of OrganoComp, the coffin only uses 50% wood fibers in comparison with a traditional coffin, reducing its weight from 40kg to 20kg and saving valuable trees.

“We are very proud that OrganoComp has been nominated for this prestigious prize,” enthused Mårten Hellberg, CEO, OrganoClick. “We have been developing the OrganoComp material and the production technology for nearly 10 years and now we finally see several products entering the market. The nomination clearly shows that we have created a unique material and production technology.”

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