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William Horner

William Horner

Founder and CEO, Single Use Solutions LLC
Founder William Horner grew up on a family farm in Iowa. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree from North Park University in Chicago, he taught junior high school while earning a Master’s degree in Education from Indiana University. In 1966 he founded Experience Education, a non-profit educational corporation which has operated continuously since that time. In the 1980s, he established educational and agricultural businesses in Africa and the Caribbean. In 2003 he started Naturally Iowa, an organic dairy processing plant where the first PLA-plastic bottles for dairy products were pioneered. After taking Naturally Iowa public, he joined with Tulsa-based businessmen in 2010 and the company name was changed to Totally Green, Inc. To better target the growing market for plant-based bottles, Totally Green Bottles and Caps, LLC, was created in 2012. To take the “closed-loop” concept for water bottles to commercial scale, Horner now heads Single Use Solutions LLC, whose mission is to establish model sites around the world to serve as “proof of concept” for the successful replacement of petroleum water bottles with plant-based bottles.